sexta-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2009

O vidro da história

"For Summerson, the museum's vitrine - 'the history glass' so like the window of the railway observation car moving away from the past - is directly analogous to the microscope slide of the scientist in the laboratory and to its locus in an incresingly expanding and refined taxonomic order of specimens.
As the laboratory scientist dissects, analyses, and 'peers at' specimens, breaking them into their component parts and distinctive features, so too would Summerson's art historian endeavour to read in the specimens the signs and indices of time, place, ethnicity, biography, mentality, or national or individual morality - in short, to read in artworks evidence of their historicity: their position within an ever-expanding mass of work 'coextensive with the history and geography of man'". (Donald Preziosi, The question of art history)

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