sexta-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2009

A ouvir:

"Cocknbullkid (aka Anita Blay) is a London-based songstress causing a credible stir with a romantic, soulful electro sound all of her own. Once described as the musical lovechild of Morrissey and Neneh Cherry, Blay more than lives up to her reputation - lets face it, that very statement says it all. The Cocknbull kid is making waves with a musical style that will prick up the ears of the most discerning music lovers; there are lashings of feisty, fashionable attitude but her debut EP is a collection of loveable, stand alone pop tracks that more than merit her hype."

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André disse...

Amigo, tens de reformatar os vídeos quando os postas senão ficam em cima das listas dos links. As medidas devem ficar entre os 300x200.
Dúvidas? Diz.