quarta-feira, 4 de março de 2009

A propósito de uma viagem:

"The true modernism is not austerity but a garbage-strewn plenitude - the willful travesty of Whitman's magnanimous dream. Influenced by the photographers and the pop artists, architects like Robert Venturi learn from Las Vegas and find Times Square a congenial successor to the Piazza San Marco; and Reyner Banham lauds Los Angeles's 'instant architecture and instant townscape' for it's gift of freedom, of a good life impossible amid the beauties and squalors of the European city - extolling the liberation offered by a society whose consciousness is built, ad hoc, out of scraps and junk. America, that surreal country, is full of found objects. Our junk has become art. Our junk has become history." (Susan Sontag, On Photography)

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