domingo, 19 de abril de 2009

Apetece-me algo...

"Representations, it was argued, instead of coming after reality, in an imitation of it, now precede and construct reality. Our 'real' emotions imitate those we see on film and read about in pulp romances; our 'real' desires are structured for us by advertising images; the 'real' of our politics is prefabricated by television news and Hollywood scenarios of leadership; our 'real selves are congeries and repetition of all these images, strung together by narratives not of our own making. To analyze this structure of the representation that precedes its referent (the thing in the real world it is supposed to copy) would cause this group of artists to ask themselves probing questions about the mechanics of the image-culture: its basis in mechanical reproduction, its function as serial repetition, its status as multiple without an original." (Rosalind Krauss, "Poststructuralism and deconstruction", in Art Since 1900...)

Amanhã, dia 20... Nova Iorque!

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