sábado, 4 de abril de 2009

Nova sensibilidade

"... how do we live in this world that we are told is becoming 'global', but wich seems to be buttressed on particular interests or tensed behind the barricades of fundamentalism - when not upholding icons of mass culture as role models? How to represent a power that is vecoming ever more furtive as it slips into bed with economics? How, finally, to make art anything but a seconsary type of merchandise in a system of values entirely oriented towards this 'general and abstract equivalent' that is money, and how can it bear witness against 'economic horror' without reducing itself to sheer militancy." (Nicolas Bourriaud, ALTERMODERN)

"Altermodern is a new term, coined by Nicolas Bourriaud, to describe a discernible, insistent sensibility that has emerged in contemporary art..." (Stephan Deuchar)

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