terça-feira, 27 de abril de 2010

Play hard!

"As preparation for writing Gossip Girl, I spent two weeks at the Carlyle hotel in Manhattan, interviewing girls from the surrounding neighbourhood. These real life Serenas and Blairs were beautiful and smart and schockingly sophisticated. They didn't just know multiple languages, they'de actually travelled to the places where these tongues were spoken. Their favourite restaurants and bars were the most elite in the city. Beut school was important too - if not more important - and they were fiercely competetive about grades. They had the drive and constitution of the most wily Wall Streeters: work hard, play hard. So long as they got the grades to ensure their futures, they had all the freedom in the world. They are the young American Woman of today". (Stephanie Savage, Financial Times, Life & Arts)

Good girls gone bad... love them!