sexta-feira, 4 de junho de 2010



"um texto (parágrafo de um livro, uma frase), algo que te tenha acompanhado durante alguns anos, algo que te tenha feito questionar o mundo à tua volta ou que seja importante de uma outra forma."


"Bob laughed and suddenly grabbed him. They clung to one another. Jim was overwhelmingly conscious of Bob's body. For a moment they pretend to wrestle. Then both stopped. Yet each contiuned to cling to the other as though waiting for a signal to break or to begin again. For a long time neither moved. Smooth chests touching, sweat mingling, breathing fast in unison.Abruptly, Bob pulled away. For a bold moment their eyes met. Then, deliberately, gravely, Bob shut his eyes and Jim touched him, as he had so many times in dreams, without words, without thought, without fear. When the eyes are shut, the true world begins." (Gore Vidal, "The City and the Pillar")

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