sexta-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2011


“(...) however, we must look not to some 'magic' of the medium, but to the conscious and unconscious processes, the practices and institutions through wich the photograph can incite a phantasy, take on meaning, and exercise an effect. What is real is not just the material item but also the discursive system of wych the image it bears is part. It is to the reality not of the past, but of present meanings and of changing discursive systems that we must therefore turn our attention. That a photograph can come to stand as evidence, for example, rests not on a natural or existencial fact, but on a social, semiotic process, though this is not to suggest that evidential value is embedded in the print, in an abstract apparatus, or in a particular signifying strategy” (John Tagg, The burden of representation. Essays on photographies and histories, University of Minnesota Press, Hong Kong)

Ontem, depois de um dia confuso, a inauguração, na Fundação Arpad Szenes - Vieira da Silva, de "Retratos de Mulheres. De Man Ray, Jorge Martins, Julião Sarmento. Pipis cromáticos, riscados, submissos, deslumbrantes, alternados por imagens, cuja sequência ensaiava a beleza da passagem do tempo. Elogios ao mundo do sensível numa exposição de homens para homens.

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