segunda-feira, 7 de março de 2011


"One of the methodological principles that I constantly follow in my investigations is to identufy in the texts and contexts on which I work what Feuerbach used to call the philosophical element, that is to say, the point of their Entwicklungsfahigkeit (literally, capacity to be developed), the locus and the moment wherein they are susceptible to a development. Nevertheless, whenever we interpret and develop the text of an author in this way, there comes a moment when we are aware of our inability to proceed any further whithout contravening the most elemantary rules of hermeneutics. This means that the development of the text in question has reached a point of undecidability where it becomes impossible to distinguish between the author and the interpreter. Although this is a particularly happy moment for the interpreter, he knows that it is now time to abandon the text that he is analyzing and to proceed on his own". (Giorgio Agamben, What is an apparatus?)

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